Over the years Domingos Almeida and his team have focused their strategy on two main pillars; Quality and Innovation. In 1993, the company went through a process of restructuring, moving to new facilities, new looms and more qualified human resources. It was thus that Têxteis DA developed all the conditions needed to become a benchmark company in the Jacquard textile industry in Portugal and around the world.

In recent years the company has focused on differentiating its product offering and developing competencies in Research & Development. Through this arose new agreements and partnerships with entities such as the University of Minho, the Portuguese Design Centre, CEDINTEC, among many others.

Today, Têxteis DA operates in almost all international markets, as a result of its strong position in innovation, quality and speed of response of its products.

Têxteis DA

Têxteis DA has been in a leading and expert position in the production of modern and sophisticated high-quality Jacquard home-textiles since 1973.

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Ability to adapt to customer needs and creativity, without ever compromising on environmental and human sustainability.

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We are committed to our customers, suppliers, partners, and to the environment around us.

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Our quality and satisfaction guarantee to our customers is recognised through our quality certifications.

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