With a team made up of external partners – the University of Minho’s investigation nucleus of the textile science and technology centre – it is possible to explore, analyse and observe the market in order to meet the wishes and expectations of our customers.

Scented Textiles

The first outcome of this partnership was our innovative product launched in 2005: Scented Textiles. After many tests and experiments, we perfected and launched microencapsulation. Microcapsules are particles with a diameter of [0.1-100] microns, which contain an “active ingredient” surrounded by a membrane which can be either natural or synthetic. This membrane protects the “active agent” from the external environment, facilitates its storage, reduces the loss of volatile components (scents/perfumes) and regulates its activity. The “active agent” can be liberated through a mechanical or thermal action.


We are dedicated to the production of world-class bedding and table items in Jacquard, for retail and hospitality.

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We believe that creativity is one of the factors contributing to our success, and has set us apart both nationally and internationally.

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We stand out because of our long-term commitment and our capacity to respond in a timely manner.

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